List of potential rejections for a Non Runner


  1. If vehicle does not run if it cannot be engaged into neutral to push
  2. Unsanitary conditions inside the vehicle
  3. Broken glass or any other hazardous debris inside the vehicle
  4. Driver side door unable to open and close
  5. No steering
  6. Inflated airbags
  7. Hood won’t close so driver can’t see outside window
  8. Broken axles
  9. No key upon time of delivery


The units must have the below:

  • Have 4 functional wheels that turn
  • Have functional brakes
  • Have a functional steering wheel, which actuates the steering tires
  • Be free of leaks
  • Not have any deployed airbags – any airbags that have been deployed must be fully cut away and their compartment must be taped over
  • Have an functional ignition key to unlock the steering column
  • In the event or a trunk mounted battery, the trunk must be accessible with provided key(s)
  • Have a functional driver’s door and driver’s seat
  • Be free of any broken glass – cracked glass is fine, but any starred or shattered window panes must be fully removed and the vehicle must be cleared of any glass shards prior to delivery – opaque film may not be applied over any missing window panes as the operator needs to not have his visibility compromised.
  • Vehicles must not be laden with any cargo whatsoever – replacement parts for the specific vehicle may be stowed in the trunk or back seat (within reason) but must not restrict the driver’s seat, or block access to the battery compartment (when battery is located under back seat or in trunk)
  • Be free of any major body damage which could present the risk of shorted wires or compromised fuel systems presenting a risk for fire
  • Running vehicles must have functional transmissions which propel the vehicle in forward and reverse
  • Non running vehicles must have transmissions which may be set to neutral for loading to the vessel

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