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Global Freight For Shipping Agents

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Navigating the World of Freight with Shipping Agents

The world of freight is complex to navigate for private persons or small businesses. Between customs, sweeping price fluctuations, and understanding international regulations, it’s easy to get lost. The experienced shipping agents at AES have an innate understanding of international freight. Through our expertise, we will find the solution that fits your shipping needs best as well as lead you to a better understanding of how shipping works for the future. We will help facilitate documentation and recommend freight services to ensure the safety of your property and cost-effectiveness. Whether personal or professional, we craft seamless deliveries that meet your needs both financially and timely.


    Available Shipping Agent Freight Services


    Tapping into international Auto Sales demand

    Setting up an auto outlet for parts in Jamaica

    Jamaica is overflowing with expats seeking a new tropical home for themselves as well as a growing natural tourism industry and expanding infrastructure. With these factors combined, demand for auto parts is skyrocketing. Between fixing private vehicles and providing parts for tourism automotives as well as construction machinery, auto parts are heavily desired. AES provides overseas freight for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the growing economy in Jamaica. Our shipping agents have maintained professional relationships with locals to ensure fast customs processing and local deliveries. With RoRo and shipping containers available, our shipping agent freight services exceed expectations and help auto outlets flourish with timely deliveries and connections.