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RoRo Shipping Services

AES Inc is an industry leader providing RoRo shipping services worldwide to Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East partnering with the best carriers.

What is RoRo Shipping?

The RoRo shipping or “Roll-on/Roll-off” shipping method involves transporting wheeled or truck cargo that is driven on and off a shipping vessel as opposed to being lifted onboard using cranes. It can be cars, trucks, trailers, or any self-propelled units. The vehicles are secured to the deck while shipping with ladiding to ensure safe transit.

What can you ship using RoRo Services?

The primary criteria of RoRo shipping is that the cargo must be wheeled or self-propelled and towable. This includes:
Construction Equipment
Recreational Vehicles
Boats including yachts
Trucks and other heavy good vehicles
Mining equipment on wheels

Pre-shipping Services

Any international shipment requires meticulous planning, let our team assist you make this process hassle-free. At AES Inc. we specialize in shipping a large volume of vehicles and equipment via RoRo shipping carriers to destinations worldwide. Here’s why customers choose us:
Customs clearances and updates
Door to port or inland services
Power Wash

During Shipping

A.E.S. Inc. has firmly established partnerships with leading carriers and shipping lines around the globe. Our sea freight division has always been attentive towards the maritime market and thanks to our huge and efficient network we are able to manage all deliveries from and to all the main ports in the world.
Reliable and insured transportation
Flexible schedules
Live shipment tracking

Why choose our custom clearance services?

Customs Paperwork

Customs Paperwork

Let us take the customs paperwork off your plate. We ensure everything is checked and cleared correctly. Our expert team diminishes the chances of an incorrect or hasty declaration which may lead to high customs charges.


Submit an inquiry and let us help provide the perfect solution for you by having our partner SAKAEM Logistics pick-up and deliver directly to anywhere within the US with a seamless handover to any international carrier


Hands-off process with automated communication during a reliable standard shipment process. - Electronic and telephone notification when the goods have departed. Communications via SMS and Whatsapp for new and existing customers.
Mobile app

Mobile app

AES offers a simple application available on both iOS and Android for our repeat and loyal customers to create new order and track existing ones, helping you further optimizing your international shipping needs

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Understanding Roro Shipping Costs

RoRo car shipping is typically one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to ship cars overseas when compared with different container shipping methods. However, the costs would vary based on several other factors such as the shipping distance and the weight of the vehicle, as well as any special services or handling that are required. A.E.S. Inc. has streamlined the RoRo shipping process over the years which makes the pricing pretty straightforward and consistent.
Weight / Measurement (W/M): Typically RoRo shipping carriers base the rate on either the weight of shipment or CBM (Cubic Meters), whichever is greater. Therefore, the cost is based on the Cargo density equation i.e. light cargo is charged based on the CBM.
Distance: Evidently, more distance equates to higher shipping costs. Also, shipping to destinations that are not easily accessible may increase pricing.
Carrier Charges: These charges can be OTHC (Origin Terminal Handling Charges), Bill of Lading, BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor or Fuel Scale Charge), LSL (Low Sulphur Surcharge) and others.
Import / Export: RoRo shipping involve customs clearance fees and related charges for both import and export , also additional local handling fees if required.

Recent Rates

From To Vehicle Type Starting Cost
RI, DE, NJ, PA, MD, GA, FL Lagos, Nigeria Car (Sedan) $1,360
RI, DE, NJ, PA, MD, GA, FL Cotonou, Benin Car (Sedan) $1,200
RI, DE, NJ, PA, MD, GA, FL Tema, Ghana Car (Sedan) $1,155
TX Lome, Togo Car (Sedan) $1,415


RoRo shipping or “Roll-on/Roll-off” shipping method involves transporting wheeled cargo that can be driven on and off a shipping vessel as opposed to being lifted onboard using cranes. It can be cars, trucks, trailers, or any platform vehicles, such as a self-propelled unit. The vehicles are secured to the deck while shipping with lading to ensure safe transit.

The modern day RoRo shipping vessels are highly elaborate and built with advanced engineering techniques. Some of the larger RoRo vessels are about 860 feet long and can accommodate about 6,000 cars per sailing.

Yes, RoRo shipping is very safe. Car manufacturers all over the world ship their brand new vehicles on RoRo shipping vessels. The RoRo ships  are like large moving parking buildings where the cars are properly secured to the decks. Most first class international RoRo shipping vessels are climate controlled to keep your cars protected from the elements of weather.

Break bulk shipping is the method of transporting cargo that cannot fit in standard size shipping containers. This method is suitable for oversized cargo that is placed directly on the shipping vessel. The key difference between  break bulk and RoRo shipping is that in RoRo shipping the cargo is wheeled and is driven on to the shipping vessels, whereas in break bulk shipping the cargo is placed with the help of other equipment; such as on shore or off shore cranes.

Almost all major international carriers such as Wallenius Wilhelmsen (WW), ACL/Grimaldi, Hoegh, K-line, Eukor, MOL, NYK, Sallaum offer RoRo shipping services. We have partnerships with the leading carriers all over the world to ensure that your shipments are delivered safely to the destinations on time.

To get your vehicle shipped overseas you would need to find a reputable international car shipping company. A.E.S. Inc. has the process of international auto shipping perfectly streamlined to make the experience hassle-free for customers. To get started, request a quick quote from us via our website, phone, or email. Choose your preferred international car shipping method, pick up or delivery locations, and schedule. Our experienced team and customs specialists will provide guidance to you through every step and manage all the customs and other cross-border requirements. Stay updated throughout the process of shipping your car overseas by notifications and tracking your shipment via our mobile app or website.

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