Premier Heavy Equipment Transport for the Construction Industry

Ensure your materials arrive quickly and securely with freight services designed for the construction industry’s heavy haul transport.

Coverage for All Heavy Equipment Shipping Needs

AES’s leading heavy machinery transport services for construction offers coverage for all types of materials and equipment around the world. Our aim is to save you time and resources by providing reliable, comprehensive services. So, whether you’re shipping heavy excavation equipment to Colombia or miles of piping for a booming telecoms expansion in West Africa, we have you covered.

What we ship for this industry:

Steel Materials
Wood Products
Plastic Materials
Heavy Machinery
Oversized Materials


AES’s Heavy Haul Transport Services for Construction


Supporting Chile’s Booming Economy

Meeting Chile’s Demand for Mining Materials

Mining is a steadily growing industry for Chile. With that, increasing demand for construction materials and heavy equipment transport must be met. AES firmly offers RoRo shipping and enclosed container shipping to Chile through local and international connections made through our Spanish-speaking representatives. We successfully help construction partners ship all legally acceptable materials and machinery to Chile. Each country has its own set of law relating to what can and cannot be shipped via freight. AES understands each set of laws, adheres to them, and conveys them clearly to you. This way, we prevent any unnecessary costs and keep your business in demand with Chile’s booming economy.


Global Factors That Affect Heavy Equipment Transport

The cost of shipping construction materials via freight depends on the country to which you’re shipping and possibly local relationships, as well as a variety of other various details. Be sure to understand the requirements and factors when scheduling your shipment. You can contact the expert customer service representatives at AES for assistance at any time.
Material: The material you wish to ship could induce a higher or lower cost depending on demand and global relations.
Season: Construction freight shipping prices fluctuate depending on high or low shipping season.
Local Relations: Having a local representative can help alleviate various fees upon arrival or departure.
Container Size: If shipping with a container, filling the entire container is the most cost-effective method.
Long Distance Shipping: Depending on how far your freight needs to go, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Recent Rates from USA

From To Vehicle Type Starting Cost
Jacksonville, Florida Lagos, Nigeria 20 ft $1000
Savannah, Georgia Santos, Brazil 40 ft $1200
Red Hook, New Jersey Durban, South Africa 40 ft $1300
Port of Houston, Texas Callao, Peru 40 ft $1100