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Shipping to West Africa

West Africa is one of the largest import markets for used American cars. A.E.S is an industry leader when it comes to shipping cars and cargo to Africa.

Proficiency and insight of West African regions

Looking to ship a large volume of cars to West Africa or to ship merchandise or commercial goods anywhere in Africa? We offer tailor-made solutions to ship your cars and goods to all receiving ports of West Africa. We have an extensive network of selected correspondents and partners throughout the WAF territory. This flexibility allows us to always meet our customer’s needs.

What we ship to West Africa?

Autos, Motorcycles
Trucks, Trailers
Heavy Equipment

Premier shipping services for West Africa

Looking to benefit from shipping to Africa and leverage the export import boom of the region? If you are unsure of taxes and documents needed for Ghana, you are at the right place.

Need to ship to Ghana for your business?

US Customs clearance
Information on vehicle age restriction and fees
Immediate freight forwarding

Shipping multiple vehicles to Nigeria?

Daunting documents, taxation and restrictions to ship cars to Nigerian ports may seem overwhelming. We promise a hassle-free experience when shipping to Africa.

Suggestions on method of shipping pertaining to vehicle type
Information on forms required for import
Details of vehicle age restrictions and fees

Shipping commercial goods to Benin?

A.ES. Inc. has a very detailed understanding of the import laws of Benin. Rely on our experts to guide you through every step of the process of shipping to Africa.
Clearing US customs
Providing information on prohibited or restricted goods
Facilitating import documentation

Shipping machinery and equipment to Kenya?

Kenya is one of the highest importer machinery and electrical equipment in this region. Benefit from our wide variety of container and RoRo shipping options.
Handling pre-shipment inspections
Assisting with local bank approvals for import clearance
Correspondence with local clearing agents

Highly reputed company for shipping to West Africa



Our decades of experience in transporting cars and goods to Africa has provided us with an extensive knowledge of this region. This allows us to deal professionally with the various legislations pertaining to these counties.
Strong Partnerships

Strong Partnerships

Over the years we have established strong partnerships with top ocean carriers like Grimaldi lines and Sallaum for seamlessly handling shipments throughout this territory.
Insured Transportation

Insured Transportation

We care most about the safe delivery of your vehicles and goods. Therefore, A.E.S. Inc. offers full insurance coverage when shipping to Africa.
Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

We have an efficient and widespread domestic network in this region, we can book daily departures for shipping your cars or goods, with specific transit times to any location in Africa.


Factors that influence shipping price

There are several factors that may influence the shipping price of cars and goods to Africa. Fill up a few details and get a quick quote today to start with. For customized quotes for your specific requirement, just give us a call and our team would be there to assist you.
Transportation Method: Typically RoRo shipping is more cost-effective than container shipping to Africa.
Taxes and Import Fees: These charges vary from country to country and get added to the total cost.
Shipment Type: The cost largely depends on the nature of the shipment, weight and size that is being shipped to Africa. Shipping larger and heavier vehicles, equipment or cargo would naturally cost more.
Location: Shipping cars or goods to the most popular ports in Africa would cost less due to more carriers frequenting these routes when compared to secluded locations.
Delivery time-frame: Expedited delivery or shipping during the peak seasons would increase the cost of shipping.


What people frequently ask us

Start by getting a free quote today on our website for shipping a car to Africa. Or call us with your specific requirement and our agents will provide the most optimum solution for shipping your car to Africa.
The documentation depends on the contents of your container that you are shipping. More than 19 countries in Africa need the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN), which needs to be filed within ten days of a ship’s departure from the country of origin. Get in touch with us to find out more about what documentations you will need, to ship cargo to West Africa.
Roll on - roll off services are cheaper and faster than container shipping. However, shipping a car in a container to Africa might be the safer option. It is also advisable to get insurance for if choosing RoRo shipping to West Africa, for peace of mind.
The time between mid-August through mid-October and January through February are typically considered as the peak season when prices typically go up.
We ship cars and goods to most major ports in West Africa, however some may not be listed on the quote. In that case, please call us directly and our agents will help you.
Some of the primary documents required to ship multiple cars from the USA to Africa would be Original Title, Power of Attorney, Bill of Sale, Letter of Invitation, Letter of Intent.
Unfortunately, we currently do not offer port-to-door services in Africa. Please contact us to explore your options and find out how we can help.
Yes, we can most definitely accommodate that. We offer it as an additional service within the US or Canada. We can arrange inland transportation and handle the US customs requirements, so that your car will pass the Border Protection without you being present in the US.