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Shipping to the Middle East

AES uses a wide-reaching network of carriers that allow shipping cars from USA to the Middle East to be performed with ease and efficiency.

Shipping Cars to Middle East, No Matter the Volume

Looking to ship a large volume to Middle East? Through years of dedication to developing our network, AES connects you with carriers that can handle your shipment’s volume with ease. Our door-to-port and port-to-door services are made possible with high-quality regional connections. We ensure a simple, transparent delivery from the moment you speak to our representatives to the moment it’s delivered.

What we ship to the Middle East?

Auto Parts
Oversized Items

Shipping services for the Middle East

Are you shipping vehicles to Saudi Arabia?

Whether it’s a single personal vehicle or a large volume for your dealership, AES provides RoRo services to keep costs down.
Documentation facilitation to pass through customs with ease
Immediate freight forwarding for faster deliveries
Information on vehicle age and use restrictions

Shipping auto parts to Jordan?

Meet demand in Jordan for auto parts by using container shipping to keep your business in the black.
Familiarity with regulations that ensure a timely delivery
Understanding import fees to keep you financially prepared

Are you shipping transport equipment to the UAE?

Maintaining regular shipments of vehicles will keep your business in demand and profitable.
Local representation avoids delivery or language hurdles
Port-to-door service gets your products directly to you

Sending aircraft material to Qatar?

Deliver aircraft materials and machinery to Qatar and increase revenue with AES shipping services and carrier connections.
RoRo service allows economic delivery of large machinery
Private containers keep your materials safe from exposure and damage

Are you delivering sport cars to Bahrain?

Send high volumes of sport cars to Bahrain through AES’s profound connectivity and understanding of Bahrain’s import requirements.
Understanding age limitations for imported vehicles
Assistance with tax preparation and customs fees
Why Choose Us

Why choose AES for shipping cars from USA to Middle East?

Local Connections

Local Connections

We not only employ representatives that speak the language and understand local dialects, but we also create connections with local services. This helps us deliver your products more quickly by avoiding delays.
Accommodating the Largest Imports

Accommodating the Largest Imports

With aviation and vehicles being two of the Middle East’s largest imports from the USA, we connect companies with carriers that can support these typically over-sized and highly valuable commodities.
Crafting Regional Relations

Crafting Regional Relations

AES understands the nature of business for the region. In order to ship cars to the Middle East easily and cost-effectively, we carefully craft personal, friendly relationships with local businesses in line with their business culture.
Available Storage Options

Available Storage Options

Not every shipment is immediately needed, some products are ordered as backup or in excess. We offer storage options that can be used long or short term, alleviating any overwhelmingness of your supply until you need it.


Factors that influence the price of shipping cars to the Middle East

There are many factors that play a role in formulating the price for shipping cars from USA to Middle East. However, our instant quote box always provides the most accurate price. It uses time-sensitive properties as well as constants to produce an accurate price related to where your shipping and what the contents are.
How Far Your Shipment Is Going : distance plays a major role in the cost of shipping cars to Middle East.
Fuel Price Fluctuations: fuel is always incorporated into the cost of shipping via freight and changes depending on the economy.
Chosen Method of Shipping: between Roll-on/Roll-off, containers, and more, the price varies.
High/Low Season : referring to both weather and shipping seasons, prices can fluctuate greatly.


FAQs Regarding Shipping Cars to Middle East

Our customer service representatives are more than willing to assist you with shipping a car from USA to Middle East. We can help you decide the best shipping method, sail through US customs, and ensure a hassle-free delivery. Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help.
Yes! For luxury vehicles, we recommend using a private container instead of RoRo. This is because RoRo exposes your vehicle to the weather, workers, and other nearby vehicles. With a private container, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle as well as avoid issues related to damage when it arrives at customs.
Yes, we can accommodate that within the US or Canada as an additional service. With your assistance, we can handle the US customs so that your Middle East car auction vehicle can pass the Border Protection without you being present in the US.
The best option depends on the car, itself. For luxury vehicles, we recommend a container. For second-hand, we can recommend RoRo. This is because a container provides more protection for your vehicle while RoRo exposes it to the elements and parks it with other vehicles onboard.
AES delivers to most major ports in the region. However, some are not listed on the quote. If that is the case, then please give us a call and we will confirm that your preferred port is available to us.
The exact documentation necessary depends on the country you are shipping to. However, you can expect the following: - Proof of insurance - US Custom’s export declaration - Invoice for new vehicle - Bill of Lading - Visa/Passport/Proof of Citizenship - Trade License Contact us with specifics about your shipment and will help you facilitate the proper documentation.