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Simplifying the Way You Ship to Jamaica

Our comprehensive shipping services covers all of your vehicle and delivery needs. AES simplifies the way you ship to Jamaica for reliable, efficient service.

Our services make shipping a car to Jamaica efficient and cost-effective.

Shipping a car to Jamaica is rising in popularity, and it’s a service we’ve honed here at AES. Between understanding private and professional demand to developing local business relations, we’ve made shipping to Jamaica easier than ever before. Our reliable services prioritize your shipment to get it there safely and efficiently every time.

Things to know when shipping to Jamaica

  • Vehicles must be no older than 5 years old and heavy equipment must not be more than 10 years old
  • Import Entry Form C87 is required upon arrival
  • To sell your vehicle in Jamaica, you must wait at least 1 year after its arrival
  • You need a tax registration number to import anything into Jamaica. The number is given by the Jamaican Tax Administration
  • Jamaica allows the import of 2 vehicles every 3 years

    Delivery Services for More Than Just Shipping Cars to Jamaica

    Are you shipping heavy equipment to Jamaica?

    With an increasingly expansive tourism industry, shipping to Jamaica heavy equipment like construction machinery is in high demand.
    RORO and container delivery services are available for cost-effective shipping.
    Necessary documentation is reliably facilitated through your AES agent.
    Avoid import fees with local AES connections and preparation.

    Do you work in the Jamaican mining industry?

    Modern tools and equipment are necessary to maintain presence in the mining industry. Our shipping options help keep your equipment up to date and your business profitable.
    Optimized shipping prices through full container delivery and packing lists to match.
    Increase productivity through modern tools and equipment delivered quickly.
    Avert holdups on production with year-round shipping options.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping to Jamaica

    Speaking with an AES agent will help you understand the full requirements for your vehicle. You can expect to require the following: · Import License issued by the Trade Board Limited · Title issued to the owner from the country in which it was purchased · Bill of Lading obtained by the shipping agent · Commercial invoice from the supplier · Bill of Sight which details the vehicle being imported (signed by broker and customs) · Tax compliance received by the Tax Administration Services Department · Import entry form C87 Our agents will help you understand these documents further and facilitate the process of retrieving them to ensure a hassle-free import when your vehicle arrives at customs. We also have connections locally that allow our team and your vehicle to avoid any extraneous charges or treatment.
    Yes, and the rules depend on the vehicles purpose. First, you are limited to two cars shipping to Jamaica in a span of three years. This applies to residents of Jamaica who have left the country for some amount of time. Shipping new cars to Jamaica causes the least difficulty. For used cars, the age of the vehicle cannot be more than 3 years if it’s for personal use. It cannot be older than 4 years if it’s for commercial use. For heavy equipment, the age limit is 10 years. If you plan to sell the vehicle, you will have to wait at least 1 year after it is registered in the country. If the vehicle is damaged for any reason, that waiting period increases to 3 years.
    Taxes and tariffs are directly linked to engine power and/or weight. The duty percentage ranges between 67% and 180% depending on the engine’s cc rating and fuel intake (gasoline or diesel). Please note that if you do not obtain an import license, you can be fined up to 3x the value of the vehicle.
    The total time depends on your preparation, season, customs, and acceptance upon arrival. From Miami, it takes a ship at least 3 days to travel to Jamaica. However, prior to shipping, you will need to prepare your vehicle for freight. This means cleaning, preparing paperwork, and securing your freight service well in advance. Because of these factors, the time you might remain away from using your car is extended.
    RORO is the most economical method of shipping a car to Jamaica. Just as the name implies, the car rolls on for departure and rolls off when the ship arrives. We recommend insurance for this type of delivery. While it may be the cheapest option, it is not exactly the safest option against damage to your vehicle. This is because RORO is open-air shipping, and your vehicle is onboard with several other vehicles of various values and sizes. Carriers have very little liability with this type of shipping. RORO is a great option for non-consumer vehicles. If you are transporting agricultural or industrial machinery and vehicles, then RORO is one of the most suitable options available. Container shipping is a great option for high-value vehicles and for better overall protection. This is especially true when you have exclusive use to the container (as opposed to a shared container). However, not all vehicles can fit in a container. The cost of the container is slightly higher, as well.

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