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Shipping Services to Ghana

We make container and RoRo shipping from the USA to Ghana easy with our extensive connections and years of shipping experience in this region.

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Ghana is the fastest growing economy in Africa with a relatively free market, and low tariffs on imported goods. A.E.S Inc. is an industry leader, shipping hundreds of cars from the US to Ghana throughout the year. Whether shipping parts, heavy equipment, building materials or general cargo, we ensure the safety and timely delivery of your shipments. Request a free quote today and explore the container or roro shipping options from USA to Ghana.

Things to know when shipping to Ghana

  • There are no age restrictions on vehicles, however vehicles that are older than 10 years are subject to penalties in addition to taxes and duties.
  • Title of Ownership and registration with no Liens on the Title is required.
  • Bill of Sale or original purchase invoice needs to be provided.
  • As per the Destination Inspection Scheme in Ghana, all imports are inspected at the port of clearance in Ghana rather than prior to export.
  • For sold vehicles, both Seller’s and Buyer’s signatures are required on the back of the Title.

    Services that we provide for Ghana

    Shipping large construction vehicles to Ghana?

    Although there is a high demand for earthmoving equipment used in road construction, mining operations and property development, often imports are still subject to inspection on arrival in Ghana, causing delays and increased costs. We offer:
    Information on latest import rules and regulations
    Insured RoRo shipping services from USA to Ghana
    Immediate freight forwarding

    Shipping a large volume of used trucks or cars to Ghana?

    Getting your vehicles on time to the port could seem challenging while dealing with the export and import documentation, taxes and duties for the international shipping. We offer:
    Insured door-to-port services
    US Customs clearance services
    Guidance with proper import documentation and taxes


    What people frequently ask us

    The basic steps to ship a container from the USA to Ghana are as follows: Get a quote and Book: Choose origin, destination, size of container, tim frame, get a quote and book your shipment. Documentation: Your AES agent will help gather all required documentation for shipping a car to Ghana. Some of the primary documents are the shipping order, title copy of the vehicle, bill of sale, and power of attorney. We will also provide a consignee form. US Customs clearance: All of the paperwork will be reviewed by the AES agent before submission to make sure hassle-free US Customs Clearance for shipping to Ghana from the USA. Delivery: AES promises safe and on-time to delivery of the shipments to the destination ports. AES agents will also provide all the information regarding import laws of shipping cars from the USA to Ghana.
    Generally, the same documentation is required in both the cases. However, it depends on the contents of your cargo. For example, chemicals would require more rigorous inspections then cars. Also some ports do not allow RoRo shipping, so please check with an agent, or use the instant quote section to check if Roro shipping from the USA to Ghana Is available at your destination port.
    We ship to all major ports in Ghana: Port of Saltpond, Port of Tema, Port of Sekondi, Port of Takoradi, Port of Accra, Port of Elmina.
    The approximate time to ship to Nigeria is 3 weeks. However, it varies depending on external factors, such as demand, weather, shipping schedules, customs, etc.
    Typically the cost difference is around $500, however it may vary depending on demand and availability.
    Yes, typically RoRo shipping is more cost-effective than container shipping.
    The cost of marine insurance largely depends on the type of business, what you are shipoing, as well as other variables. Typically it avries between 1% and 1.5% of the value of your cargo. Please contact us directly for more details.

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