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The Leading Agency for Shipping to the Dominican Republic

AES is a leading provider for shipping a car to the Dominican Republic. Our service is always cost-effective and efficient for delivery you can count on.

AES is your trustworthy partner for shipping cars to the Dominican Republic

Our representatives understand the business tactics in the Dominican Republic, building local relationships to ensure your shipments are always on time. We keep you up to date on delivery schedules and local connections to maintain the quality of our service and the safety of your vehicles. AES is your trustworthy partner for shipping to the Dominican Republic.

Things to Know When Shipping to the Dominican Republic

  • Nationalizing vehicles once they pass customs is required in the Dominican Republic
  • Vehicles are subject to various taxes and tariffs, including Emissions Tax and Tax “ITBIS”
  • The undercarriage of your vehicles must be cleaned of any invasive plant, fungi, or animal species
  • New vehicles require a commercial invoice while used vehicles require the title
  • No 6-cylinder vehicles or more than 2000 cc can be imported

    Comprehensive Services for Shipping a Car to the Dominican Republic

    Looking to ship transport infrastructure equipment to the Dominican Republic?

    The growing transport infrastructure of the nation is indicative of the demand for not only private and professional vehicles, but also the availability of infrastructure equipment.
    Support your delivery with import criteria such as legal documents and tax forms.
    Expand your business reliability with regularly delivered equipment.
    Avoid import errors by using representatives with local connections.

    Shipping agricultural equipment to the Dominican Republic?

    Agriculture is one of the Dominican Republic’s most recognized exports, thus the industry requires modern and functional agricultural equipment for daily use.
    Use our economic RORO delivery option for large agriculture equipment deliveries.
    Become a leading supplier in your industry with modern machinery.
    Prevent delivery delays with trustworthy year-round service.


    What clients ask us?

    It’s important to understand and follow documentation requires when shipping a car to the Dominican Republic. With AES, our agents understand regional and country-specific document requirements. We will ask for the proper documentations to prevent you from added fees or delays. This may include the shipping order, title, commercial invoice, and power of attorney.


    Preparing these documents should be a priority, otherwise you will be faced with delays on your delivery. Along with the previously identified documents, you’ll need to provide personal identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or another approved form of government-issued ID.


    Proof of ownership is also required to ship a car to the Dominican Republic. This is proven with the title of the vehicle in question. If the vehicle is not entirely paid for, then the financial lender will need to grant you approval to ship to the Dominican Republic. If the vehicle was recently purchased, then a bill of sale is required to show proof of purchase and ownership.


    Your AES representative will provide you with a consignee form which states to whom the vehicle is being shipped to alongside that person or entity’s information.


    You’ll want to purchase insurance, and therefore provide proof of that insurance, if shipping a car to the Dominican Republic with RORO service. If you choose to use a shipping container, you should provide a complete packing list for that container. A comprehensive packing list may expedite the delivery from the vessel and possibly result in a lesser shipping fee.


    Upon retrieval, your AES agent will review all paperwork, notify you if anything is missing or needs correcting, and help you get your vehicle shipped out. The documentation gets compiled and a copy is physically included with your delivery. This is to help avoid delays or rejections when your car arrives in customs.


    Once it clears customs, we can arrange to bring your car to the port or to your door. These will be facilitated via local services, albeit organized through your AES agent.

    Cargo shipping can include vehicle shipping if there is a car included in your cargo. Generally, both require the same documentation except for vehicle-specific documents like titles.


    If chemicals are included in the cargo you are shipping to the Dominican Republic, then it faces much more rigorous inspection and approval. You will also need to be sure that the chemical you wish to ship is allowed, as many countries, including the Dominican Republic, prohibit the transport of some chemicals.


    Also, be aware of port-specific delivery options. Some ports do not accept RORO shipping. You can confirm that your preferred port accepts the delivery option of your choice by checking with your AES agent or using our Instant Quote feature.

    We are able to ship to the ports at Rio Haina, Puerto Plata, and Caucedo. These are the three major ports in the Dominican Republic. You can use our Instant Quote feature to find the port that fits your needs best, or discover which shipping method is best for your cargo/vehicles.

    In general, you can expect shipping a car to the Dominican Republic to take around three weeks. However, this time frame is an estimate. Actual delivery times will vary based on factors such as weather, high/low shipping season, customs, and more.