Track Your Booking or Shipment

Now you can preview bookings and shipments on one dashboard by entering tracking numbers. From the search choose either booking or shipment and enter your transaction number to find the most up to date status. NOTE: YOU MUST ALLOW POP-UPS ON YOUR BROWSER


What does my transaction tracking number look like?

Your transaction tracking number is the unique AES reference number associated with your vehicle. The AES reference number will always start with AES- followed by a numeric number (Ex: AES-123456)

Where do I find my transaction tracking number?

Your transaction tracking number or AES reference number will be assigned to you once your dock receipt is finalized and ready for delivery to the port. It will be located on the upper right hand corner of your dock receipt.

How do I get help with my shipment?

For any shipments that you are looking for further information, please do not hesitate to send an email to for an immediate response.

Nothing appears when I clicked the search button?

Please note that a window will pop up to display your transaction tracking information. If nothing appears, please check to see if you have popup windows blocked or disabled. Please visit this site if you are using windows: Please visit this site if you are using IOS: Please visit this site if you are using mobile IOS:!msg/chrome/m-WfaAOYRyA/lBrW0mIdE5gJ Please visit this site if you are using mobile andriod: If nothing continues to populate when you hit search, please send an email to with your AES reference number so we can look into the issue for you.